Our store shows the costumes and props we’ve made recently, but we also take personal commissions. If you’re interested in a unique one-of-a-kind costume read on!

we'll make the perfect outfit

Top – The armored parts of a complete McCree cosplay we did for a client.

If you’re looking for a personal commission of the highest quality Hype has got you covered. The outfits of our crafters have won prizes on quite a few occasions, and that quality is exactly what we offer our clients.
It may sound a bit boastful, but we truly almost do everything. We’ve done really simple weapons like a D.Va gun, more complex things like a fully LED activated Genji sword, to entire outfits that include all the weapons and props and a ton of lighted elements. 
Our skills are very varied, and we tackle hard surface elements as happily as we do cloth-cantered costumes. Whether its a hard surface costume with a lot of armor, something with a loth of different type of cloth fabric, or a combination of the two… we’ve got you covered. 
We pride ourselves on the quality of our work, and put a lot of effort into every step of the process. Where we feel we excel in regards to other creators is the finish: our airbrushing and hand-painted details really take a costume to the next level. See the gallery below for some examples.

Our work

Complete cosplay

McCree complete costume


Cosplay accessories

Sombra machine pistol

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