We consider Hype a group of talented individuals with a similar passion (you guessed it – cosplay). The members below aren’t the only people active in Hype, but they’re the ones you see if you meet us at a con!


Our costumed artists are the heart of our hype-brining offensive. We currently have three well-known cosplay artists, and are looking for a fourth.


Deathstrike is Hype’s MacGyver of Cosplay; if we can think it he can make it. He initially started with a passion for crafting – excelling especially at hard surface outfits – but soon found he also had a passion for performance involving choreography. Deathstrike represented the Netherlands in the C4 contest and won with his partner Magnum in a 15 country battle, making them holders of the Animecon’16 Cup.

The future for Deathstrike is one of giving back: he aims to help in the mainstream recognition of the art of cosplay, make comic-style conventions an even bigger thing and wants to start giving workshops to fellow artists!

Fenix Fatalist

Fenix Fatalist has one of the most unique origin stories. She is was born in Kiev in a turbulent time for the nation, managed to attain a law degree, and then surprised everyone with a complete change of plans – she became a professional costume creator and cosplayer! Fenix can’t get enough of cosplay and wants to stay in the scene for many years, but also wants to do music, acting and sell her unique game-themed apparel. We think she’ll do just fine!

Ivy doomkitty

Ivy Doomkitty is a warm-hearted cosplayer from the United States. She has been going to cons for as long as she can remember, but only pulled the trigger on creating her first outfit a few years ago. Since then Ivy has had a blast, and she doesn’t intent to stop cosplaying anytime soon. Ivy loves to dedicate her free time to charitable causes, and to use the influence she has to make certain anyone feels empowered to cosplay, regardless of their body type.


The people in the creative team perform a variety of crucial roles. They’re involved with planning our presence, hosting sub-events on cons and getting everything on film.

Arya nakamura

Aria Nakamura is a fun-loving photographer who specialises in Cosplay. He loves setting in-cosplay shoots in crazy locations, create con impression videos and to bring cosplayers into the limelight. Beyond that he’s known for his often none-too serious vlogs, many of which future our core member Deathstrike.

For Hype Aria will handle all our photography and video requirements, but he’ll also no doubt continue his trend of vlogging up to the point someone closes the toilet door on him!


The ever-masked enigma known as ‘Official Unicornlover’ is a veteran Performer, art director and (fight) choreographer. We consider him the ultimate mixture of a real-live superhero and nerdy pop-culture lover, and as such fits the concept of Hype Creations perfectly.

For Hype Official Unicornlover will be the man that hosts competitions and shows, entertains the crowd with his eccentric personality, and does maniacal flips!

Asherah Nox

Asherah Nox is a freelance make-up and hair artist that has run her own business for quite some time. In the past she’s also worked as a set designer and video productions jack-of-all-trades, but she found that lifestyle took her away from her teenage daughter too much.

Hype aims to put Asherah’s flexibility to good use. Expect to see her in front of the camera for interviews and con-impressions, help with setting up our presence at cons, and support us with the not so glorious but important paperwork.